I’m making up a brief little survey on the fly, because I’m noticing some trends in people’s hobbies and interests versus their political beliefs. I’m curious to see if there’s any meat to it, so I figured I’d ask the audience.

These questions will be yes/no or A/B style questions. If you don’t know or would rather not say, just say “abstain”, or something to similar effect.


Do you like anime?

Do you prefer a free-roaming sandbox game, or a more linear experience?

Do you prefer manga or American comic books?

Do you prefer a game with long cutscenes, or a game that keeps you in control at all times?


Do you get angry or upset when someone criticizes a game, movie, etc. that you’re very fond of?

Do you feel that artists should have license to offend their audience, or do you feel that artists must be careful never to offend?

Do you feel that people should be represented equally in games, regardless of the impact on sales or creative freedom?


Should games come with trigger warnings?

Is the ESRB a useless entity?

Do you consider yourself left-wing, right-wing, or centrist?

Do you prefer a large government that provides a social safety net (with high taxes), or a small government that allows high personal freedom at the expense of guaranteed social services?


Is the primary responsibility of a corporation to create jobs and enrich its community, or to deliver high dividends to the people who’ve invested in the company?

Is it immoral for a hospital to charge more for better services and shorter wait times if the patient can afford it?

Is religion important to you?

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person, regardless of religious affiliation (or lack thereof)?


Should governments be allowed to write laws preventing extremist political views from entering congress/parliament, even if it potentially blocks the desires of the people?

Would you fight for your country in a war you did not agree with?

What if that war happened on home soil?

Do you believe in a clear-cut line between good and evil, or do you believe in more fluid moral relativism?


Does a government have the right to silence people that disagree with majority public opinion?

Does a government have the right to silence or kill an evil person?

Would you voluntarily pay higher taxes if it meant keeping others out of starvation and/or homelessness?


Thanks for your responses.