I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I apologise if the title of this post offends any of the lovely TAYladies around. This is a post I would have never imagine posting about a decade ago. It was then that both James Rolf and Bear McCreary sneaked into my life. One by making really entertaining video game themed videos at YouTube and the other by composing some of the best music I have ever heard on a television series anywhere. Since then, the world has turned many times and somehow both these guys ended up working together this year. Bear is responsible along with his brother's band and AVGN regular Kyle Justin for the orchestral / chiptune soundtrack for the Angry Video Game : The Movie, something I'm sure not many people would see (hear?) coming. Here is a video of how this came straight from Bear's own blog:

I'm really looking forward to watching the movie. Congratulations to James, Bear and everyone involved with making this movie possible. How many people you know work hard and really do manage to live out their dreams?


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