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The guys over at NESBox have been hard at work creating a simple NES Emulator that will run on the Xbox One. They almost had a full app created (and certfied) before Microsoft realized what the app was doing and smacked the hammer down. Not to be deterred by the cancellation of their Xbox One app, they have now created a specialized browser version that will work within Edge on the X1.

To use the NESBox Emulator for Xbox One, all you need to do is navigate to https://nesbox.itch.io/x1 from within the Edge Browser. By default, the page disabled “browing controls” and switches to “GamePad controls”. You’ll have to switch back temporarily to load up a ROM through OneDrive. Once the game is loaded up, switch your controls back and away you go.


For something that plays in your browser, it actually works surprisingly well. The controls are fairly responsive. The sound, although I heard it skip a few times, sounds pretty good. The whole thing is quite easy to use. My only complaint is that the A and B buttons are mapped specifically to A and B on the Xbox One controller. This is reversed positioning compared to the original NES controller.

Now, I’m not condoning going out and getting any illegal ROMs, but there are some great indie ROMs out there that definitely deserve some play!

It’s impressive to see what can be done within the confines of the browser and input devices.


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