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A new website announcing the third Box Boy game entitled “Sayonara! Box Boy!” was just revealed! Box Boy is shown with a family of little Box Kids. He appears to be escorting them through Box Boy worlds and levels, which is a new gameplay twist for the series. The short gameplay video also shows rocket boxes and exploding boxes which Box Boy can generate.

Also announced was the Box Boy Series Collection, a physical copy of all three 3DS games plus a CD soundtrack and a Box Boy amiibo!


Box Boy has been a cult favorite since the first one was released. The simple platformer started as a monochrome puzzle game whose charm and surprisingly challenging levels drove it to popularity. It eventually had a sequel called Box Box Boy, and now with “Sayonara! Box Boy!” the trilogy appears to be coming to a close.

That Box Boy amiibo is ridiculously cute... I’ll happily re-purchase the first two games along with the new one and soundtrack if he comes with it!

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