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New Comic Series Incoming!

There was a reason why I released the Pokemon One a Day art a bit earlier today...And that was to share this!

I'd wanted to release this episode and series almost over a month ago, as I was really really into Animal Crossing like a crack addict addicted to...crack. I still love it and have a bunch of adventures and funny moments I want to turn into comics. The series will feature crossovers from all over the place, from personal favorite franchises such as LoZ and MGS to name a few.

I don't really have much experience making comics,and this is my first one, actually. I know we have a pro in the form of one GeekEmpress, so I'm sure I have a long way to go.


Anyway, I'm not sure if this is even funny but hopefully over time I can get you all to smile and maybe laugh! Either way, I'm proud of the art and practice is practice. For the time being, I'm happy with this end result and hope you are too. Don't be shy to leave feedback!



P.S. If you want to share on Tumblr, reblog here

P.P.S. I remember Kotaku's Tina Amini saying a while back to tag posts with Animal Crossing and she might share them with Kotaku, so I tagged not only her but AC. Hopefully she or someone else sees and if they think its good enough, I can kickstart this series with a little bit of that Kotaku push.

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