I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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New Destiny 2 Raid Stream!

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Whats up! I’ll be streaming the Destiny 2 Spire of Stars Raid Lair at 10am sharp today. Raid’s are 6 person activities in Destiny 2 often featuring puzzles, beautiful vistas, and rage inducing bosses. Spire of Stars launches for everyone at the same time so theres no guides out yet, everyone will be racing to see who can be World’s First. A lot of big streamers and content creators participate in the race, it really is fun and exciting to hop into the unknown and see how far you can get.


If you want more info you can check out a few of my other articles I’ve put up recently at the bottom. On the menu today for breakfast is the McDonald’s Sausage McGriddle. The most under appreciated breakfast sandwich of all time. The McGriddle replaces the standard English Muffin with two similar shaped Pancakes fill with tiny pockets of maple syrup. Inside is just a salty sausage patty. The tiny pockets of syrup burst with every bite, combined with the salty sausage patty creates a most savory taste that really brings out the umami of this particular breakfast sandwich.


I enjoy writing for TAY and have dabbled in making different types of gaming and lifestyle content. I like playing games and interacting with gaming communities to wind down. You can find me here!


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