I'm really feeling it!

So like many arcade fighters built on PlayStation hardware before it, this news appears to all but confirm Dissidia is coming to the PlayStation 4. (That and the presence of SCEJ president Atsushi Morita on stage during the latest reveal.) However, Square-Enix stated that Dissidia will be exclusive to arcades for at least one year prior to any ports.

I had no idea that Team Ninja was developing this installment, but color me excited.


In addition, Ramza Beoulve of Final Fantasy Tactics fame is joining the roster.

Also, I'm glad someone at Square-Enix finally decided to answer the question "What if the Dissidia theme music had lyrics?"

Oh, and Midgar looks incredible. Otherwise, the trailer is at least fifty percent old footage.


Finally, I'm getting an almost Virtual On-ish vibe from that cabinet and the screen layout itself. Not a bad thing at all...it's been too long since I've been excited for an arcade game and its subsequent console port. (Apart from Tekken.)



Y'shtola footage:

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