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New Full Metal Panic anime is being made.

I did a quick search on AniTAY and didn’t see anything tagged for Full Metal Panic and I didn’t recall anything about a new season being posted. So I thought I would share this news that I found over at /r/anime today.

The news was actually reported back in October of 2015.


The article I found was saying there was new info about what will be included. For example this blurb...

Also, Realty Today claimed that there will be a new villain to be featured in the upcoming season 4 of “Full Mental Panic!” Some speculations suggest that the new season will also disclose the identity of the antagonist and Kaname’s enemy.


This is from that article. So I would take anything you read from there with a grain of salt. This is some of what it Koreaportal.com is reporting.


So far all the articles referenced, including ANN and Crunchyroll seem to be repeating the same information.


None of them mention any news of what the new series will be about. I have not read the LN so it’s possible that the speculation is all true. Either way, this is exciting news. I suppose the chance of Luci Christian and Chris Patton coming back to be in the dub are pretty slim but I can hope. They made the first series for me. If you can, please share this with AniTAY, and have a great day.

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