I'm really feeling it!

You guys thought I'd miss my article a day thing already? Well tough, because I'm making this deadline :P I had planned a big review of Kyoukai no Kanata, which is still coming, but has been delayed. The reason I'm late writing this one is that I was starting something that I hope is to become a new tradition in my household on Christmas Eve. You see, my parents are divorced and so holidays are always a split affair, I do Thanksgiving at my Mom's and Christmas at my Dad's and so forth, but for Christmas at least I spend Christmas Eve at my Mom's. I sometimes think, it must be rough for her to spend Christmas day all alone, so I try my hardest to do stuff with her on Christmas Eve to make the day special.


Tonight, we watched movies, just the two of us and our dog Moose. The dog curled at my feet as the snow fell outside. One Christmasy and one just pure fun. Oh and we got tanked first :3 (Hugo and Despicable Me if you're wondering) It was nice to just sit in the living room and enjoy two great movies together, sure I was getting antsy without checking a smart phone or moving around much between movies, but you know what? That simple time spent with each other enthralled by story and laughing at the silliness was one of the best times I've had all year. I hope to do this again for years to come. Any new traditions that you hope to start this holiday?

May you all find some simple pleasures this HoliTAY Season :)

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