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New Leaf Chronicles: A Town Called Despair

Last night I took a trip to Despair,
Unaware of the events that were taking place
There I saw some shady guys trading wares.

One of them approached me and said:
“I got the goods, take your pick”
While setting up shop under a mango tree


Fearing they thought of me being an invader
I went and rustled through my pockets
Tried my best to pretend that I was a trader
Around me were toilets and clothes
But as soon as the clock hit midnight
everyone took flight

Left alone with mayor UI
I requested a meeting with THAT guy...

Pietro deviously welcomed me to his house,
Soon he started babbling about everything and nothing.


The rainbow ram yapped without blinking nor breathing...
Music, Books, and strangely tips about fitness,
He referred to this collection of trinkets as the Pietro Package.


I Couldn’t stand it anymore
My legs became wobbly,
His presence was too ominous too handle...
With my last breath I rushed out the door!

I ran for what it felt like hours.
Drenched in the rain I tried to escape
But suddenly... something clawed my leg
Was the clown overlord right behind me?


I didn’t have the time nor the courage to turn around
I kept running until I reached the train station...

All I can say is that Despair is a city of many faces: a newly established Black Market, the ever commanding Pietro the Demon Lord, and it’s loyal cohort and law-enforcer Mirage.


I would recommend you to stay away from a place like this, but Despair...

Despair is different... Despair gets you, and it will never let go.


Follow J. Acosta on twitter at @Nach212. It’s been a while since he last visited Despair but for some reason he cannot stop thinking about his time in the town governed by the clown overlord. You can read his other articles here.


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