I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

It's 2014 and time for some TAYNGE(change)!

Hey there I plan to review a ton of stuff this year especially since I have less classes this semester. I was thinking of a new name because apparently SOMEONE Sna-cough-doge-cough-enthusi-cough didn't even know I reviewed things until a few days ago. The partially named party's reason for that was the titles were not bear related so he didn't even know it was me. Also I post really infrequently whish is totes my fault.


So what names could I possibly use? Dexomega Uses Dex's Review: [INSERT Title here]. Sylverfyst has Trainime/Fabulous Fyst reviews. All I have is My thoughts on. Others use ANI-TAY which seems to be a dying trend. So any Ideas for this TAYbear?

Also check THIS if you miss anything I covered. Also please on any and all things I covered give me your honest opinion does something need work, point it out. Could I use some writing classes? Yes I could. Despite English being my first language and having known it for almost 18 years now English has always been my weakest subject and writing in English more so.


Any and all criticism or tips will be taken well I can handle it I can Bear the burden. I am Pawsitive I can improve. It's time for me to go sleep the day away and wake up at 2 AM. Had to get two puns in there or DIE TRYIN'!


Also reviews to look forward too are the following as soon as I nail down a new title.


  • Assassin's creed 3 (ps3)
  • Aquapazza Dream match (ps3)
  • Long live the queen (Steam)
  • Rainbow Moon (PS3/Vita)


  • Daily Lives of Highschool boys Season 1 (Eng Sub/ Season 2 is coming soon)

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