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New Star Ocean V Trailer

Today a nice enhanced Star Ocean V trailer was released by Square Enix. Showing off quite a bit of the world and battle system. Unfortunately while the game looks crisper the limited amount of scenes shown looks about the same as the previous entry in the series in terms of details. Furthermore the cast represents many of the same archetypes from the previous game although to be sure we’ll learn more as the game comes closer to launch.

Finally while we’ve always known Star Ocean V was going to be using the battle system of the less then amazing Infinite Undiscovery rather then the modified arena version found in Star Ocean IV we’ve never seen how similar the two systems are. Showing off some pretty neat looking open battles Star Ocean V’s system seems to be ripped straight from Infinite Undiscovery. Now while that particular game wasn’t good it wasn’t due to its battle system as that was easily the best part blending high flying Japanese combat to an open world akin to what we’ll be seeing later this month in Tales of Zestiria.


Overall the trailer does exactly what I wanted it to do by showing off more of the gameplay, characters, and worlds details which have been lacking from previous showings. All around what more can I say other then it looks like a Tri-Ace Star Ocean game and really that is good enough for me. As seems to be the case other then a nebulous 2016 release date we don’t know when we’ll be getting our hands on this game.

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