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New Steam Controller Could Have Thumbstick?

There has been some speculation that the Steam controller is undergoing another change in its new iteration, this time coming with a new thumbstick.

Buried deep withing the Steam Client Beta showcases this image:


Right there on the bottom left we have a single thumbstick for the device. I'm not surprised this change has been made in the wake of their faux d-pad button setup from before, or heaven forbid the first iteration with the touch screen and 4 corner buttons.

What do you guys all think about this?

Personally, four thoughts instantly come to my mind:

1. I rarely ever use d-pads, so having a stick is better than their previous iterations.

2. Now gamers can use a thumbstick for movement, and a touchpad for aiming, which could work with a larger suite of games.

3. Ugh...the thumbstick is convex. Even Sony realized it's easier and more comfortable to grip a stick with a concave dip in it. Hopefully this is changed, but not the end of the world I guess.


4. Valve, the company that will beta test this controller as long as Dota 2.

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