I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Hey guys,

I was approached by an old friend of mine recently, who has recently joined a start-up called Podium. Basically it's like Reddit meets Twitch meets YouTube. That probably doesn't make any sense, so I'll let the CEO explain below:

"Podiuum is a visual storytelling platform that brings together everyday experts and passionate fans in an interactive infrastructure that turns short-form video into an interactive exchange of content and commerce.

The every day experts start the "conversation" by prompting the fans to join in by creating short form content specifically designed to encourage others to submit their own visual stories, to enliven and expand the content.


Podiuum is looking for submission for every day experts that start the visual conversation in gaming. To submit content, we need the following.

Short videos, visual demonstrations of a gaming technique, game history or any topic that will engage and involve views. Individual "chapters" should be no more than 5 minutes, preferably 3 or less. Submit a single video or as many as three if your story requires additional time


In addition to the video, we need a recorded narrative with the gamer on camera. (they will appear in a small window overlaying the video at the beginning and as often as required to enhance the content)

Each video needs to have at least two prompts, specifically asking others to get involved and submit content. (How would you approach this part of the game, Show us a technique that has worked for you playing this game) Ultimately this results in a visual library of compelling content and conversation about gaming, and even the discovery of new everyday experts that start their own conversation.


Tips: It is good to clearly name products, manufacturers, brands and provide commentary. The style is causal, fun, conversational, not formal.

Please submit you "screen test" no later that June 20th to content@podiuum.com . "

So have at it! Send them some content, sounds like a pretty awesome site. I've already talked to them about doing music features.


And please feel free to repost this to anyone you know into recording gameplay.

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