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New Year New Open Forum

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Howdy Par-Tay-ners is y’all ready for 364 new days in the new year? Cuz I sure aint! Diggity darn Tootin’ Your Bear Novi is here to cover since I didn’t see one go up at 10am or see one scheduled for the day.


So How is everyone feeling? Hopefully you all partied in moderation. Or slumbered in to the new year like me. Good luck we got a new calendar year to dive into. Take it one day at a time. Since Time travel isn’t a thing yet.

So What’s everyone’s big plans for the year? Any resolutions you’d like to share? I know I mentioned calendars but I need to add the recycle days to ours again. I dont have any resolutions this year besides git gud.

As always if you don’t care for my questions feel free to Talk amongst yourselves.

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