I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

OK, here are the rules. You take a western movie or show and write it up as it would be as an anime. Like so:

Title: Big Lebowski

Think: Big O

Elevator Pitch: The Dude is having a bad run of luck. In Neo Los Angeles year 199X (around the time of our run in with Sadam) the world is a darker place. Gangs of nihilists assault and harass the innocents, the Dude has taken up the fight for the little guy. However, he finds a giant mecha, the Lebowski, and now he can take the fight to the bad guys. Watch as the Big Lebowski deals out massive damage to nihilists, the corrupt sheriff's department, and known pornographers. But, when the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers show up, a tactical espionage group that officially doesn't exist, the Dude will finally get to the bottom of his case. Do the bums always lose?


Anyways, thought this would be a fun game to play tonight. You don't have to follow my format exactly, but it doesn't hurt. So, post your ideas.

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