I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

G’day TAY. The Dutch gambling authority have published the results of their study on whether loot boxes constitute gambling and should be handled under gambling laws. Long story short, when assets gained from loot boxes can be traded with other players (and with that they can be sold) they gain monetary value, and as such this is gambling.

One of the largest games in the country that falls in this category is Fifa 18 (another big one is PUBG). The dutch government has given EA and Blue Hole (and other publishers) 8 weeks to amend their games. If they fail to comply, the games will be banned from store-fronts.


The gambling authority notes games with loot boxes that don’t allow for reselling articles are not technically gambling but they warn that the presentation is highly similar to fruit machines and therefore can help foster or grow gambling addictions. This may become a European precedent that other EU member states and maybe even the UK will follow.

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