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Next Awesomenauts Patch Will Include New Character, AI Editor

Today Ronimo held a live event to show off some of the new content to be included in the 2.5 Patch: Shadows of the Void. Chief among the announcements is the new character Skree and an AI Editor.

First up, Skree the Techno Mage. Skree is a fast character who specializes in crowd control. He rides around on a disk that can hover in mid air, similar to Princess Toadstool's jump in Super Mario Bros. 2. For his standard attack, he shoots lighting from his staff that can chain to multiple enemies.


His first special has him thow a sharp disk (Pedator, anyone?) that deals damage when thrown. Once thrown, it'll hover in place for a few seconds, giving small, but constant, damage to nearby enemies. When the disk returns, it deals the thrown damage again. It's a great tool for clearing lanes. It can be further upgraded to deal more damage, throw a second smaller disk, or shoot small homing particles when hovering.

Skree's second ability spawns a large totem (basically a metal Moai). It is the same height as a turret, so it can effectively block paths of enemy droids and 'Nauts until it is destroyed or disappears. The Ronimo devs showed multiple uses for the totem, such as trapping enemy 'Nauts near turrets, slowing fleeing enemies, stopping perusing enemies, and using it as a shield from enemy fire or turrets. You can upgrade the totem's health, cooldown, and height.

The next patch will also include a robust AI editor that will allow players to build their own behaviors for bot-controlled 'Nauts and be able to share them with other Awesomenaut players. You can edit things like aggressiveness, lane behavior, item builds, and build order. These behaviors can be edited across all characters and can be brought online, meaning your next fight might include a Gnaw or Raelynn bot. Hooray?


Also discussed were a few movement changes for 'Nauts like Genji. ("Flappy 'Nauts!") We're still probably a few weeks away from the release of the patch and there are still some surprises in store before it comes out! Ronimo did not comment on Skree's voice actor or personality beyond "We think it may be the best yet" and "He's an alien, and he isn't on a bobsled team" when press if he had a Jamaican accent.

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