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Next-Gen Heroes: The Dualshock 4

You know what I appreciate? Sony's stubbornness to change their peripheral, from generation to generation the Dualshock controller has arguably changed in aesthetic, only when it changed from being just the PS One controller to the one with the twin sticks we noticed a evolution, but really the great difference between the 1997 model and the 2006 model is in colour and chords, shall I say the lack of chords. So it wasn't a surprise when Sony made public their latest design for the PS4 controller... at first it seems it is an overpriced Dualshock 3... but look closer and you'll see it is a different beast!


Welcome to my unboxing and trial test of the Dualshock 4!

AS you can see TUT... I can make it stand! Also there's a slight reflection of me in the plastic...

I received the controller 10 days ago or so, part of Amazon's early shipping program for everything that isn't the console, I wasn't expecting it, not for the reason it was an early delivery, but because I didn't order it, a few minutes later a friend texts me saying "You should be receiving a few packages for me in the upcoming days, including a PS4" and he added "feel free to open them and try them!"


A step by step guide on how to get rid of those annoying circular stickers! I wonder who's that sexy hand model?


A reverse-view of that last frame!

And while writing this article I discovered the magic of gif! Rejoice my fellow TAYers Tots & Tottetes (and Furbys!)


Careful Hand Model! Don't cut yourself with the plastic!

Now that you're ready to go! Let's plug you in and try you... but wait, this old PS3 cable won't work on you! BUMMER! I had to search for another cable to finally give it a test drive...


Look how that shiny orange light illuminates my living room! It has the luminescence of a thousand suns!


I then proceed to try it and well it is indeed the best controller Sony has ever created, the sticks are no longer uncomfortable, I won't have to change my settings for the triggers! The feedback is way better, if you don't believe me go read Totilo's take on the controller! (I know you people believe in my words so don't click on the pink words)

The controller has better sticks, better triggers, better weight, and an awesome jack

- Stephen Totilo & Me!

Kudos to Sony to keep it familiar yet so much better than any other controller they pushed into the market! Now all I need to do is wait for the UPS truck to try the new machine...


If by any chance you didn't like the way I write, or the hand model in the pictures... I am deeply sorry have a Cuban Sandwich and a cup of black bean soup, don't worry it's on the house ^.^ or you could also head to TAY Classic.

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