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Next Namco Bandai "Tales of" Series Game Teaser Site Opens

*Update 4 (12/05/2013): The "countdown" at the site showing 2 past Mothership titles per day in chronological order of release (Japanese release, that is), was only a prelude to the real countdown, an 8 day countdown featuring a book, and the announcement that the reveal will be done via NicoNico video service, just like Atlus did with all the Persona releases announced just recently. This time every day that passes the book fills with a paragraph that must be related to the plot of the new game, you can watch an image below


Want to know that it says? then head over to AbyssalChronicles, and check the post as it is updated everyday with the translation (also if you missed a wallpaper like I did, they have all of them available)

*Update 3 (12/02/2013): Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2 videos are up, so that means we are hours away from the reveal, but now I hope they also re upload all the wallpapers since I missed the ones from Tales of Eternia and Tales of Destiny 2.

Ahhgg the wait is killing me

*Update 2 (11/29/2013): Yoshito Higuchi, Tales of Vesperia Producer and Director says via Twitter that the code about Tales of Vesperia is probably just an error or a rehash from some old code page that some programmer of the web page left by error


Meanwhile Namco Bandai has registered 2 more trademarks Tales of Asteria (or Astaria according to the katakana pronunciation) and Tales of Kanade


Also the news about the new Tales game has appeared in this Sony blog, which almost makes a fact that the game will be released on a Playstation console, being the PS3 the most viable candidate according to an interview with Tales series producer Hideo Baba.

Also as of this moment, despite the images showing Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Rebirth, the linked videos are from Tales of Hearts and Tales of Graces wich makes zero sense if you ask me (links are temporal since NamDai takes them down every day)


*Updated just for fun (11/28/2013): Apparently the next game as well as the game with the 20th anniversay title could be Tales of Vesperia 2 according to this site and some links you can find in the teaser page

Also Namco Bandai updates the site every day with 2 games, at 14 mothership titles, the countdown will probably end on december 3 or 4. Also they replace the content every day, so if you plan to grab the wallpapers do check the site every single day. *end up the update blip*


So today was a great day for JRPG fans out there, we got a new Ys game for the Vita, and learned some details about some upcoming Persona games, but that was not all, because Namco Bandai opened a teaser site (How game companies love teasers) for the next Mothership title in the beloved "Tales of" series


You can visit the site here. The site contains the legend "- Next Tales of -" which guarantees 100% that the title will be a Mothership one, there's also a couple of videos of Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Destiny the first two game in the series (beware they are in Japanese but are heavy in spoilers), over at AbyssalChronicles they believe that this will be a countdown site of sorts, with the countdown being the chronicle of the past Tales games. They also mention that Hideo Baba, the Tales of games producer mentions on Twitter that this indeed is the case, with the previous mothership titles acting as part of the countdown. To boot you can also download wallpapers of the two games at the bottom of the site.

I know this is a teaser for the Japanese release but the same thing can be said about the Persona announcements, and if this is going to be a game for a home console and with the recent streak of localization for those kind of games, that is pretty much a guarantee that the game will make it over here


Now to wait and see if this is going to be called Tales of Zestiria :) AHHH THE HYPE

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