The Poison Drill Pokemon

Poison/Ground Type

*Same Day Update*

I updated the design a bit, removing the moon stone crystals from the chest and knee pads. A few people said the work deviated into mecha territory, which is not necessarily a bad thing! I could have left it as the interpretation I was going for but that wouldn’t be true. I toned down the work and I’m more content with the work.


Royalty has come to Pokemon One a Day! Today we look at Nidoking, the last of the Nido family to be explored by yours truly...And I was very excited and anxious to get started on one of my favorite Pokemon ever.


There are some Pokemon that truly need redesigns, and others that would benefit from having a simple touch up or two. Nidoking is a pokemon who doesn't in particular need a redesign, and my attempt at a touch up turned into...this. I had to make this thing look intimidatingly powerful and it started with introducing the color red into the mix. Nidoking varies from a dark purple to a pinkish purple in some renditions. By using the Nidoran illustration as inspiration for color direction, I built this design with red for strategic areas to break up the otherwise monotonous purple that covers most of the original version's body.


Putting in the red, I thought to transition between pink as well, but soon scrapped it in favor of black. If a purple Nidoking is flamboyant, then I might as well run with it, and give it edge to boot. The black fills in the space nicely between the reds and purples, and to balance out the green ears of the traditional Nidoking, I added green for his claws and kneecaps, as well as a chest piece, his crown, and his eyes. The green adds a really nice bump to the palette, and there's a reasoning as to how and why it comes to place.

Nidoking evoles with a moon stone, as does Nidoqueen of course. Moonstones are colored a darkish teal, which happen to be the color of the inner ears of the Nidofamily. Thus, I contemplated where they might come from. Well, I decided to write in that Moonstones are broken chunks of the rock formations that protrude from various places of Nidoking's body. After all, it is a ground Pokemon, and ground is earth, and earth can produce such crystals.


Having crystals also complete the regal look I wanted to give Nidoking. In my first draft for Nidoqueen, I had a crown of horns circling around her main horn. It looked decent but not enough to follow through. I evolved that concept and gave him a series of horns that look like a crown, and added a moon stone crystal for the crown for effect. The one on his chest balances out the green from his claws and knees. By the way, the far hand features regular black claws, and the closer ones are green. In my concept, Nidoking can crystalize those claws for extra damage. This is also a strategic option in case Nidoking doesn't want to poison his foes, which would leak out of the tips of his claws. Think of them as "gloves".


The original Nidoking is inverted in shape. Its very squat and its groin area is low to the ground and wide. My Nidoking looks far more lean, and looks a lot more agile than the original counterpart yet he still looks like he can take a good number of hits thanks to the very powerful set of legs he's standing on. On top of that, look at the length of his tail. Its longer than the original's, and can be used as a weapon or for balance when running .


My draft of Nidoking saw a thinner, taller Nidoking that simply came out of cleaning up the first draft. It looked off so I simply stretched him out horizontally and I got a nice size to him that still says Nidoking, despite the radical upgrade he got.

And there you have it! If you read all that, congratulations! You can see how much I cared for this design as I've said he's my favorite Pokemon, and I hope you enjoy it as well! Be sure to share the project around with Pokelovers and thanks for reading and viewing! See you tomorrow!

P.S. Did you pick up that the Nidogirls are all facing left and the Nidoboys all face right? You didn't? Go and check the other ones then :P
Also damn dis dude be fittin up da whole space inside da frame he be mad big and shiz fo no reason



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