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Ahh, Nidoran, one of my favorite pokemon as a kid. This guy is adorable but also fierce...And of course we all know what happens when he grows up. As I stated in an earlier posting, I always wished the two had swapped colors because "pink is for girls" and "blue is for boys". I've since learned the error of such thought and pardon my youthful self to think that way, and as you can, I've learned to run with what Nidoran was given with his color set up.

In fact, I multiplied it big time, as I've gone with a very neon approach. I realized that Nidoran, as a young male would be very much of a ruffian most of his younger years and tried to translate that using this neon color palette. I looked back at my works and saw that I was playing it safe most of the time, which is not necessarily a bad thing, and found that Nidoran would be a fine choice to explore colors a bit.


Thus, we get a Nidoran hurdling himself at a foe...with lines to emphasize his speed and force. Just imagine what this guy could do if he were a Nidorino...Oh wait, you can, tomorrow!



P.S. The above work in progress shots unintentionally created a little frame by frame motion of Nidoran in his attack! Sweet. Also, the below gif is totez adorbz i can't even (professa oak gon need some super potion doe)


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