The Poison Pin Pokemon

Poison Type

To illustrate Nidorina, I drew up a number poses that featured her standing and walking on all fours. I decided to go with a standing position to help illustrate the progress of evolution since Nidoqueen stands on two legs. The pose is a bit silly, but is playful in the sense that its a young girl wanting to grow up and be graceful almost like a ballerina.

I knew I wanted to stay away from Nidoran's coloring style so I opted to really clean up the strokes and tighten it with an outline. The color style is flat and the choice of colors are ones I've never explored in the manner I've presented it...I'm very happy with how the work turned out.


I kept most of her features in check, and reduced the markings that she and Nidoran share as again, showcase the progress to her evolution that features no marking. I also added banded lines acrossing the coloring of her belly/tail for the same reason. Originally, her eye was left open but closing it gave a serene feeling that really drives the piece home.




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