The Poison Pin Pokemon

Poison Type

Nidorino is one of the first Pokemon the world ever got to meet during the time of Pokemon Red and Blue/Green. He was fighting Gengar in the opening sequence of the Game Boy games in case you forgot!

(The gif here is not from the original, though)

Nidorino is a total bad-ass, and I wanted to depict him in the cartoony sense of a bull, revving up his front leg and huffing and puffing out his rage. My original work of him was very forward and boring, and I quickly broke down that draft into a very exaggerated cartoony outline that I began to build from there. I played around with giving him different eye colors. I had a red and white set up, red and teal, red and black, and then settled on teal and black.


I used the teal to color in the hooves (the original Nidorino has talon/claw things) and color in his iris. I thought this would balance well against the pink. In addition, the air he's shooting out of his nostrils are tinged with green.


After I began to color the work, something felt unfinished about the piece and so to give some extra oomph, I began to give the outline some energy, continuing the nature of the illustration of yesterday's Nidorino. The piece is also continuing how I explore the actual nature of the Pokemon as well. Where Nidoran, the young headstrong pokemon might jump into battle without much thought, Nidorino now a teenager, shows some restraint and giving fair warning before a proper beatdown. However, his tendencies may vary so in the words of Walter White...

Tread lightly! And that about wraps it up for today! Super stoked to share my Nidoking with you all tomorrow. As always, thanks for reading and viewing, and help a brother out and share this project with Pokefans all over! See you tomorrow!



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