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Nier Next Update and Speculation

Nier Next has officially been titled NieR Automata and will take place far in the future of the Nier timeline. Where humanity has been driven off the planet Earth by “Living Machines” and fights the threats with machines of their own, one of whom will be the playable character YoRHa. The title is based on a stage play of the same name by director Taro Yoko.

Interesting the gives a lot of information regarding the timeline. Since it’s a Nier game it would be logical to assume it takes place in the same timeline of the original only many years in the future whereby the automatons we learn of near the end of the game have most likely continued their invasion of earth and evolved in some way. Furthermore we also know the new game will tie into last years Drakengard 3 with some characters potentially appearing such as the observer/narrator of the game Accord, which was revealed to be an android.


Accord’s started purpose in Drakengard 3 was to observe the timeline to preserve something which remained a mystery even after the final mission. It’s possible again rampant speculation on my part she was sent to observe a timeline where there was power enough (the Intoners) to potentially threaten the timeline (as the Drakengard/Nier timeline is so polluted and its clear it is a multiverse) preferred by the machine, as Dragons have been shown to possess the power to alter spacetime. Again rampant speculation on my part but thing game is so far away what else can I do. It’ll be out for the PS4 sometime in the future.

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