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Nintendo Announces Mother Complete for 3DS (in Japan)

Diehard Mother fans rejoice! The entire cult RPG series, known here in the states as EarthBound, is coming to the 3DS... in Japan. The game was announced in a somewhat brief Nintendo Direct held yesterday evening and the fan response is already overwhelmingly positive. The game will feature all three Mother titles, for the first time on one cartridge. The first two games have been released in the past as Mother 1+2 for the GBA, but this time Japanese gamers get the trifecta.

No word on if we'll be getting Mother Complete here in North America or over in Europe. We did finally get EarthBound on the Wii U virtual console, so here's hoping.


Here's Mother, originally for the Famicom. Not sure how I feel about all the empty space on the edges, but I guess it makes sense since the persecutive is so square.

Here's Mother 2, originally for the Super Famicom.


Here's Mother 3, originally for the GBA.


You can watch the Mother Complete segment of last night's Nintendo Direct (which is in Japanese of course) below.

Source - Newztendo

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