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Nintendo Can Sneak Some Great DLC Into Breath of the Wild

It’s pretty well known that you can summon Wolf Link across space and time to assist you in Nintendo’s next Zelda title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is something you can only access by using the Wolf Link amiibo. It’s also Nintendo’s sneaky way of getting people to buy and play Twilight Princess, without them knowing they are buying into the beginning of Zelda’s downloadable content for Breath of the Wild as well. And let me tell you, DLC is coming; there are the three new Zelda amiibo releasing alongside the game, and with a game as open as what we’re expecting, DLC is almost a requirement.

Ignoring the fact that Zelda has broken the laws of time (again), this is a pretty cool and unexpected feature.

Proper Amiibo Use is Key

Along with the new amiibo, we’ll no doubt be seeing exclusive dungeons, items, or content tied to these because ultimately amiibo are just plastic figurine keys to DLC. Without knowing much more about the game’s premise we can’t speculate too much about what they’ll do, and the beautiful, if not generic, poses don’t reveal much either. Using amiibo to front-load DLC is great, but making the unlocked content worthwhile is going to be important for both Nintendo and fans.

Wolf Link will be a useful ally, granted you battled through the Cave of Shadows with him in Twilight Princess.

Along with the new amiibo most Nintendo fans will already own a few from the Smash Bros. Series including Link, Toon Link, Ganondord, Zelda, and Sheik. What secrets could these collectable figurines hold? The simple answer is unlock able weapons. New swords, bows, and armor warped through dimensions to aid in Link in taming this new Hyrule. If Nintendo wants to do some real fan service they’ll add weapons more interesting than those. Scanning these amiibo could provide the Spinner as a self-propelled “shield” to surf on, or the Wind Waker to manipulate the weather.

With so many Zelda series amiibo available, it would be a missed opportunity to not use them all.

At the same time, Ganondorf and Sheik’s amiibo could bring something even more interesting. Since Ganon has been confined to Hyrule Castle how could his amiibo change the game? We’ve seen heavy references to the Sheikah tribe, so what could Sheik’s amiibo reveal. That isn’t to say the other amiibo couldn’t be intriguing as well, only that these two have a more complex relationship to Breath of the Wild’s potential story.


DLC That Spans Generations and Reincarnations

Traditional DLC can be a real boon for the game as well, offering larger amounts of content than amiibo unlocks for a slightly higher price point in the form of weapon and dungeon packs, or full on map expansions. Because the dungeons seem to exist as instances, Link descends into shrines to complete the one’s we’ve seen, it should be simple to add them to the game world without breaking up the flow of the story or the world’s logical layout. Just have your Sheikah Slate transform the Shrine before entering and suddenly the Shrine Ja Baji is Sheikah-Tech transformed into Shrine ksaM sarO’jaM.

Shrines seem to be self-contained so using them as access points for DLC areas could be a simple solution.

These shrines have the possibility of being beautiful HD remakes of beloved dungeons of old, even introducing ancient enemies and bosses. Nintendo hasn’t shied away from exploiting nostalgia in the past, and Hyrule Warriors has proven that using it can be extremely profitable if executed correctly. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to re-experience the Water Temple from Ocarina of Time in HD? Or some of the seriously creative bosses introduced in many of the recent games like the Stallord?

Zelda is full of memorable, fun, and sometimes nightmarish bosses.

They could go the experimental route, trying new off the wall enemies and ideas. Anything that was too complex or even underdeveloped for the main game release can be included as DLC (Isn’t that what DLC should be anyways?). They made a whole new game in Super Mario Galaxy 2 with the extra ideas from the original. Similarly, adding DLC to Zelda should be easy, with the advantage of relegating gimmicky concepts that would bog down the main release to DLC instead.


In keeping with the dimension hopping theme that Wolf Link introduced, bringing back key items from previous games (especially obscure references like Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland and Link’s Crossbow Training) is another very fan service-y way of introducing the DLC. Balancing these items is going to be key, but seeing the Zora’s Mask coming from Majora’s Mask (including creepy transformation sequence) and using it to increase swim speed and make breathing underwater possible seems like a fun possibility. With that said, DLC weapons shouldn’t break. They are special and I don’t want them breaking on me to have to re-buy them. Instead have them wear out and have to repair them.


Even though it seems like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is going to be massive on it’s own, I’d hate to see the ball dropped on fan service and amiibo functionality. Items from ages and seasons past could be useful in the new wild Hyrule but balancing these so they aren’t game-breakingly over-powered is important. Adding in items, bosses, and dungeons through DLC will make what we already expect to be a massive game even bigger, and I’m hoping it’s all an inevitability. Make it happen Nintendo.

Items I want in DLC: The Magic Armor from Wind Waker perhaps as... magical armor. The Gust Bellows from Skyward Sword. The Hawk Eye from Twilight Princess. The Megaton Hammer from Ocarina of Time. The Crossbow from Link’s Crossbow Training. The Pictograph better make a return because by gum it’ll be a waste if they don’t bring that Miiverse functionality back from Wind Waker HD! Be sure to leave your ideas in the comments below!


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