I'm really feeling it!

Ho boy. Nintendo is pulling a very Nintendo move and doing a completely serious (or is it?) Nintendo Direct on none other than April Fools Day (tomorrow).

Of course they don't celebrate or recognize April Fools Day in Japan and April 1st is the start of their business year, so I guess we can trust them. Right? Maybe.


So here are my predictions on what we'll see.


  • New weapons, outfits and modes will be shown.
  • amiibo interaction will be detailed.
  • Release date announced - May 29th.
  • Special Edition bundle with amiibo available at launch.

XenoBlade Chronicles

  • More info on the new features for the New 3DS
  • Shulk amiibo info and reassurance that they will produce more

Smash Bros. 4

  • Mewtwo is ready... now! Codes are being sent out.
  • An update for the game is available now too.
  • Tournament mode finally available.
  • Miiverse stage now playable.
  • New DLC character hinted at. I'm gonna say... Isaac from Golden Sun.


  • Wave 4 coming April 24th.
  • Wave 5 coming this summer.

Yoshi's Wooly World

  • More info on the game in general.
  • Coming on June 26th.

Mario Kart 8

  • Details on the second round of DLC, coming this May.
  • Maybe more amiibo integration?

Anyone else want to try their hand at this? If I get them all right I get to be president of Nintendo for a week. I mean that's what I told Reggie.

The direct will air tomorrow at 3pm (PST) and 6pm (EST).

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