Oh me, oh my. The glorious day has come at last. The day of the Nintendo Direct dedicated solely to the upcoming Super Smash Bros titles for the Wii U and 3DS. Even though Nach attempted to steal my idea (even though I hadn't shared it with him) I'm still here to dole out my predictions and listen to yours. Here's what I think we'll see.

- The announcement of a release month, I'd say August or November.

- Lots and lots of badass new gameplay footage (of course).

- The introduction to a new mode, or an explanation of the newest "adventure/SSE" portion of the game

- At least two returning characters. I'm gonna say Yoshi and Wario, possibly more.

- One new comer. I'll put my money on a Mii, with sports related attacks or possibly a customizable move-set.

- Actual names for the two games aside from "for Wii U" and "for 3DS". Those names are horrible. This might seem like a long shot (as Nintendo isn't the best with names), but I really think they're going to give them names to set them apart from each other and any Smash Bros in the past. It might even be something as simple as Super Smash Bros. Havoc and Super Smash Bros. Havoc Portable. Not sure on a specific name though.


What do you think we'll see? What name do you think would best fit the two games? WHY AREN'T YOU MORE EXCITED!?

Today's Nintendo Direct goes live at 3pm (PST) and 6pm (EST) right here.