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TOKYO – On the heels of SEGA’s announcement to partner with restaurant chain Hooters on promoting Sonic Forces, a Nintendo executive revealed in a press conference today that he hopes his company will also team up with Hooters on its latest offering, Super Mario Odyssey.

“I’ve honestly wanted to work with Hooters on promoting a game for the past five years,” explained Satoshi Yamato, Nintendo’s Chief Director of Sales. “Ever since Konami did it for the release of Metal Gear: Snake Eater 3D. I asked right away, ‘Can we do that too?’ But my bosses said, no way! This is Nintendo. We don’t do that kind of thing.”


“I gave up hope… until now,” said Yamato, shrugging and smiling coyly. “I think SEGA is opening a door for us.”

Announcement of the SEGA-Hooters cross-promotion, which will be limited to several locations in Japan, was met with surprise from fans and critics, causing many to question the unusual partnership between one of the video game industry’s pioneers and a popular American “breastaurant” chain.

“You know what Reggie [Fils-Aimé] told me? He said, ‘Tokyo has the best Hooters restaurants in the world. Hands down. In the world.’ That’s why Konami went there and why SEGA is going too.”

“So this is all I’m saying: we have many millions in our marketing budget for Super Mario Odyssey,” offered Nintendo’s sales director. “We can buy a lot of chicken wings with that kind of money.”


“But is Nintendo ready for Hooters?”

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