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Nintendo Goes Grimdark with Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival's Desert Island Escape

This may not be the game that’s on everyone’s radar but maybe it should be! “Why...?” you ask? There’s a survival game. In Animal Crossing. I’ve now taken to fondly calling it, “When Animals Attack Survive”.

In this video from GameXplain, which is chock full of information on some of the modes amiibo Festival features—such as 12 board games designed for each month of the year—there’s also a hands-on look at a surprising mode called “Desert Island Escape”. You can find it around the 6:26 mark and again at 17:30.


As it’s Animal Crossing, ‘grimdark’ isn’t quite the term to use here but it certainly is full of that weird humour. In this amiibo-card based game (curse you, Nintendo!), 3 animals become marooned on an island, and they must make strategic decisions to survive for a 7 day period. Cook or explore? Make tools? But who’s going to make tools ? It seems to depend on the character traits of your animal in play. Some characteristics are more adept at other skills than others.

This all seems hilariously dark. Animals stranded on an island, trying to escape. Maybe even some animal warfare. Okay, maybe not the last part but I’d sure be nervous if The Demon Clown Pietro was stranded on an island with my innocent hipster horse Colton...


Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is out for Wii U on November 13, 2015.

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