I'm really feeling it!

Last night, I went to a concert for the Pixes and Weezer, and it was fantastic! That still left a whole day beforehand, though, video games included. What I played for that pre-concert period of time—and why—is rather telling for how games are fitting into my life in this particular moment of time.

Sandra and I went to some place new, a cute little cafe nearby, for breakfast. As has often been customary recently whenever we’re out and about, we checked Pokémon Go for any mons and Pokéstops. After we finished and left, considering there were still hours to go until we’d need to head down to Camden for the show, and it was a nice day outside (before the onslaught of rain later on), I suggested we hit up the usual park to play some more.


We did. Place a lure on the gazebo in the center, walk off a piece of that pancake and french toast until eventually retiring to a bench because we’re lazies on the inside, and chill times were had. Once we got our fill, we finally headed back home to rest up some more.

Part of that was spent watching some Meteor Garden, the new Chinese drama rendition of iconic shojo manga classic (and one of Sandra’s favorite things ever) Boys Over Flowers/Hana Yori Dango. It also included Sandra taking a little nap on the couch.

While she was catching zzz’s, I decided to get in some tournament time in Mario Tennis Aces. So I took my Switch to the dining room table with the pro controller, propped the Switch on top of my deluxe case, and did just that. I even FINALLY won a tournament during the July season!!


Yay!! Peach, you’ve carried me through once again!

Those were all of the games played that day. Nintendo monopolized it all, and that’s looking pretty justified beyond more than just the quality of their games. With Niantic and Camelot as their partners in these cases, they’ve become masterful at fitting in between the crevices of day-to-day life. Want something to do while within the very act of being on the go? They’ve got a smartphone game for that! Console gaming that can be easily propped up on a table when the couch is taken? They’ve got a system for that!


I’m set to travel for work yet again sometime later this year. The Switch will once again be a reliable companion. And since my last slate of trips, I’ve been playing Pokémon Go once again after leaving it on the backburner for so long. It may also prove to be another fun thing to do yet; I’m actually looking forward to what new pokémon I might come across while venturing out of Jersey.

Sure, I’m basically repeating myself yet again; this is a point that I’ve talked about a whole lot where the Switch in particular is concerned. But hey! As a fairly busy 27-year-old dude, Nintendo’s stuff is still paying dividends!

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