A few weeks ago I was inspired by the recent episode of Game Theory and expanded upon what MatPat discussed in the video and discussed things I thought may have been left out. Since then another episode has been released to wrap up what had been discussed in the previous few episodes. Normally I don't like to beat the same drum but because I already touched on this, I kind of want to follow up on it. The resulting theory is something that you all might want to check out.

MatPat brings up the Technology Adoption Lifecycle, which interestingly was mentioned in the comments of my last post by UI 2.0. The theory in the video is that trends are set by Let's Players like PewDiePie who are the "Early Adopters" and then their ridiculous number of subscribers go check it out becoming the "Early Majority." You can see how this would lead to a game played by a Let's Player exploding and selling a ton of copies. A good example is Minecraft, which is both innovative and massively popular among Let's Players.

On the flip side is the Wii U, which is the primary focus in the video. The Wii U is innovative yes, but that can't sell a console alone. First you need games, something that the Wii U is kind of lacking right now. But you also need those trend setters. As you may know, Nintendo is not very keen on the idea of Let's Players for various reasons, but they haven't taken into consideration the fact that they can have a possible impact on sales by spreading the word about games. While I don't necessarily agree with all the points made in the video, it's still an interesting thing to think about that is definitely worth considering.