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Nintendo Online Is Still The Biggest Embarrassment In Video Games Today

Yeah. Right.

I love my Switch. I play it constantly. I pre-ordered Mario Maker 2 and played it off and on throughout the day yesterday and loved every minute of it...until I tried to play online multiplayer.

I was avoiding the online multiplayer function because I knew. I knew. Then, late last night, after reading Kotaku’s article about it, I tried it out. What an absolute disaster. Playing with other people online is absolutely impossible. I played only a few games that were filled to the brim with lag. It reminded me of trying to play Diablo 2 on a dial up internet connection 18 years ago. 18 YEARS ago on DIAL UP!


Nintendo, seriously, we have to discuss this every time? Why don’t you improve your online service? Nintendo Switch Online is, without a doubt the biggest failure in current generation gaming. It is an embarrassment, it hampers every multiplayer release, it is truly pathetic and unacceptable.

And yet, the Switch is still my favorite console right now. Just imagine a Switch with working online services. Just imagine...

My immediate thought on playing Super Mario Make 2 yesterday was that this game could be my GOTY. But with such a glaring issue I can not in good faith say that. Nintendo, I hope one day you get your act together and fix your online. I don’t know if I can do this for another generation.

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