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Nintendo Partners with PDP to Make GameCube-esque Smash Controllers

Performance Design Partners (PDP) have revealed that they will be working with Nintendo to produce some Wii U controllers modeled after the ever popular GameCube controller. Why the GameCube controller? Well, it's far and away the preferred way to play both Smash Bros Melee and Brawl. This controller will be wired, though that wire will simply connect to the bottom of a wiimote. No one is quite sure what this controller will end up looking like, but it will be covered in Nintendo trademarked characters such as Mario and Princess Peach.

The controller, called the "Wired Fight Pad" will retail for $25, so I'll probably pick one up just for kicks. Below is a picture of a controller PDP made for the Wii a while back. It's... interesting. Let's hope they remember to replicate the C-Stick this time around. Lord knows competitive Smash players need it.



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