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Legendary Nintendo PlayStation Surfaces (But is it Legit?)

Many know of the fabled early ‘90s Sony and Nintendo collaboration that almost was. Planned as a system that could play both discs and Super Nintendo titles, the Nintendo PlayStation could have been huge. But the Big N pulled a quick one when they got into some licensing disagreements with Sony and jumped in bed with Phillips. Not the best move.

Regardless, no one has actually seen a Nintendo Playstation in the wild before. There has been plenty of concept art posted around the web, but this is the first instance of someone claiming to actually have the system in the flesh. It certainly looks like the prototype concepts we’ve seen before.


While it’s certainly possible this is a real model, there’s also a chance it’s simply a convincing fake. Even if it is the real deal, it probably doesn’t work. Right? The full album can be found here.

UPDATE: Seems the taker of the pictures is answering questions on this forum. Says it belongs to his dad, who was supposed to scrap it after the company he worked for went bankrupt. Seems pretty legit!

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