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Nintendo pledges to support both the Wii-U and 3DS following NX launch.

I dunno about you guys, but to my mind, that sure as hell makes it sound like the NX is gonna be a hybrid platform. (Longtime posters will know I’ve been expecting/hoping to see Nintendo go this route for years.)

I mean, why make it a point to include the 3DS - a platform which is not only doing well, but being a handheld and all, would be largely unaffected by the launch of a new home console? (Apart from being out of the spotlight for a time.)


While the Wii-U is far from Nintendo’s first underperforming hardware, how they’ve handled the Wii U and 3DS collectively has been something of a masterclass in mismanaging two platforms at once. And I’m thinking - since the NX has obviously been in development for some time now - Nintendo’s seen (and, more importantly, finally internalized) the writing on the wall that their console and handheld demographics are growing increasingly alienated from one another.

And since nobody’s expecting uber high-end tech from Nintendo anyhow (which would make a hybrid prohibitively expensive at retail) they’re actually in a very good position to launch a hybrid platform. I also believe it would help mitigate any gimmick fatigue that may have set in amongst consumers bored with underutilized features like 3D and touch. As something which can seamlessly switch between being a console or a handheld is...you know...not only useful, but manages to satisfy pretty much everyone’s gaming preferences. (And will likely make a lot of developers happy in the process.)

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