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Smash Bros Direct Predictions: For Realsies Edition

Guys, TAY is under attack. The first blow was dealt by a phony in this article here.


Who is this "GiantBonnyDetective", anyway? This hacker (probably works with the notorious hacker 4chans) claimed he knew mad secrets regarding the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros for Wii U in an upcoming Nintendo Direct. Granted, his predictions seem pretty darn spot on, but we have to establish order on TAY and so GiantBoyDetective and I have more realistic predictions for you all to comb over. Take a look!

1. At Least One "Newcomer" Reveal, Hints at "New Newcomers"

Yesterday, Sakurai flat out stated that the Pic of the Day belonged to a certain character's reveal trailer; it was an actual still frame that no doubt will appear in whole in today's direct. Sakurai at this point may as well introduce the Newcomers who we've already unlocked and explored in an official capacity considering we've had the game for a while now and it's pointless trying to keep it secret. Nintendo has shown off a new character at every Direct thus far, so it's more than likely we'll see the original Nintendog today...but what about even newer characters?

Speculation runs rampant regarding a select batch of future newcomers - they are either a work of fiction concocted by gamers who are praying for one last hurrah in hopes of seeing their favorite fighters enter the fray, or could possibly run true courtesy of silver tongued leakers who can't contain the hype for themselves.


Sakurai has stated before in previous statements that the Wii U and 3DS versions will share the same roster of characters. Could Sakurai have held back characters so that the Wii U version could carry its own weight in terms of hype? I wouldn't put it past the troll master - not to say his intentions were negative in anyway - as doing it this way would indeed bring much needed hype for the flagship version that's died down now that everyone's digesting the handheld variety.

The big rumour going around right now is that players who have both versions of the title will unlock the "true roster" of the game as a bonus, with those characters appearing as DLC further down the line for everyone else.


Rather than letting another leaker ruin the fun, or even "legitimate" leaks by players who get the game in their country first, could we see new newcomers in the Direct? Silhouettes? A vague hint at DLC? I hope so - the Wii U version will have gorgeous graphics, new stages and modes, but is that enough for the average consumer to pick up nearly the same game otherwise?

It is awfully strange that of the 600+ trophies that are available in Smash 3DS, and the fact that Sakurai has still not referred to this iconic villain by name, Ridley is still missing...Does the space pirate of Metroid origin still have a shot at being playable?


Maybe! But perhaps not in the capacity we imagined...

2. 5 Player Madness...? Maybe Even 8!

Smash 4 introduces Boss characters as a next generation stage hazard to further evolve the hectic nature of the Smash formula. Could it be possible that with 4 Gamecube controllers plugged in, a 5th player could join the fray via Wii U Gamepad? This would allow the 4 fighters on stage to take on the 5th player as a Stage Boss - could Ridley, who has been aggressively hinted at as Pyrosphere's stage boss be playable in this way? He, alongside the Yellow Devil, Dark Emperor, and Metal Face for starters might let 5 players get together (a la Turtlerock's FPS Evolve) amd play together in a new Smash mode!


However, this 5 player mode is pure speculation. In terms of expanding past 4 player Smash, a potential whopping 8 Player Smash actually has legs to the idea -plucky and resourceful Smash fans have been digging into the Smash 3DS rom and found a bevy of audio and visual assets, including the announcer shouting out with gusto "8 Player Smash!". Now, it's not uncommon that things are recorded only to never be used, and features do get cut every now and then. 8 Player Smash could either have gotten the axe late into development, or it's a feature waiting to be announced at this coming Direct.

But think about some of the stages we've seen for Wii U, specifically Palutena's temple - it's absolutely huge! It is not ideal for a 4 player Smash...But 8? That'd be a nice, no, perfect fit! Melee's largest stage, Temple, was also recently leaked and confirmed for Smash Wii U, and could handle 8 players nicely as well. Does this mean we might even see the return of Brawl's New Pork City as another stomping ground for 8 players? We'll have to wait and see!


Oh, and remember those unused assets I mentioned? "Yellow", a color never used in the series before for Team battles, was heard among the audio files. This brings 4 team colors, with 2 players each equaling a total of 8 players help lend credibility that such a mode may exist!

3. Info on the New Stage Creator

Unfortunately leaked prematurely by Amazon, Smash Wii U is set to bring back the Stage Creator/Editor tool that was introduced in Brawl for the Wii. Created with good intentions to let players bring their ideas for stages to fruition, the Stage Creator in Brawl fell flat due to an incredibly lackluster suite of tools and options. With only 3 beyond generic skins to wrap around the bare minimum number of elements to fill a stage with, the concept and execution of Stage Creator was even more of a let down when it was revealed that stages could not be taken online to play on.


The stage editor is moving in the right direction and will be made easier to use by aid of the Wii U Gamepad's touch screen according to Amazon. As Mario Maker has shown, it will probably be intuitive and speed up the creative building process. I'm hoping that we can see the stage in two lights - the skeletal infrastructure via the Gamepad where we manipulate the stage, and then see the final product in real time via the main TV to help us guide our creative choices.


But besides the control, I predict the new Stage Creator will be more powerful than ever before, featuring a plethora of options that will aid the player in their creative quest rather than hinder them and force them to take unwanted shortcuts to a product that they never wanted. Sakurai and company have shown they learn from their mistakes with each new iteration of Smash. I would hope that the new Stage Creator should allow us to mix and match themes as we see fit, and upgrade the themes for stages from the disgustingly generic skins into styles representative of staple Nintendo franchises.

For example, Sci-Fi themes would revolve around Star Fox and Metroid. Cutesy themes invoke Animal Crossing and Kirby. Fantasy themes summon Legend of Zelda and Kid Icarus as inspiration. Skins for stages could also revolve around all things retro courtesy of Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt and Game and Watch. Why not let the third party family of characters bring their own flair into the Nintendo mix? The possibilities would be staggering and in the end, creative types will be grateful.


Stages will also see all sorts of interesting attributes and traits for platforms, the stages, the backgrounds, music selection, and more. Furthermore, hopefully these stages can be shared and downloaded between friends to take the battles online and reap the rewards of putting time and energy into creative stages. Tournaments being held for Smash Bros 4. could also create tourney approved stages, which would be huge in building a community for Smash to thrive in.

4. Amiibos and the Potential Board Game Mode

Also outed by Amazon, the intriguing concept of a board game centric mode has got us pretty excited! Mario Party won't be the only place on a Nintendo console where friendships go to die! That said, we're pretty sure that the mode will be brought up today, and how Amiibos factor in on the experience as well.


You see, when you look at an Amiibo, you're looking at not just a toy or figurine, but all the possibilities it carries as the character it is modeled against. The first set of Amiibo line of collectibles are all based on Smash Bros character model renders - in fact, the in game trophies of these characters are identical to the figurines. Amiibos in the Smash realm are currently limited to becoming training allies that learn how you play, and can be leveled in a manner similar to Pokemon. Not the most exciting way to bring out the unique features of DLC through toy shenanigans as seen with Disney Infinity and Skylanders, but that was before we knew there was a board game for us to explore.

Amiibos could be your custom token for the board game. You know how when you play Monopoly, you just have to be the racecar (I mean you literally get to go "vroooom" around the board when moving)? Whatever board game that you play, you have your token, uh, token. Smash Bros. could utilize your favorite Amiibo to be your in game token. It could save your gameplay preferences so options don't have to be set every time you play, for starters. What if you had 3 of your other buddies over with their own Amiibos, and you had to actually physically tap the gamepad with your Amiibo as if you were counting spaces as you rounded about the board? There's potential for bringing a nostalgic element of playing a game with physical pieces on a digital set up.


But those are just ideas for the Amiibos on an immediate level. What if Amiibos carried unique DLC per piece? What if a Princess Peach Amiibo unlocked a Daisy alternate costume?

5. Setting the 3DS and Wii U Connectivity Details Straight

One of the first pieces of Smash news we got before we saw gameplay or a trailer for the next generation of Smash was the fact that the two versions of Smash would feature some sort of connectivity. As of now, we know that the 3DS version can link up to the Wii U to be used as a controller (why and who would want to...?!), as well as transferring over custom character info such as your created Miis as well as your moveset and equipment options.


Also, you get a pretty awesome soundtrack on CD for linking both games to your Club Nintendo account.

So far so good, but certainly that wouldn't be the end-all in terms of communicating between the two systems, right? With both titles featuring the same roster, it was thought this was a calculated design choice so that owners of one system could fight the other, but that notion has since been deconfirmed. What could Nintendo have planned for linking up the two versions?


We're pretty sure that Nintendo will discuss some new connectivity options to the fan today. Certainly, paying for nearly the same game twice and essentially proving your loyalty by owning both systems could net the diehards bonus content at the very least - We'd be happy to see new stages, character skins, and new characters themselves! As mentioned above, what if those new characters were given as early access DLC for the early adopters, unlocked right off the bat with proof of ownership of both titles?

Inter-system connectivity can also make 8 Player Smash a reality - Smash for 3DS suffers lag in 1 on 1 connections...How could the Wii U make 8 players from all over the globe fight in steady conditions? With 4 gamers on the Wii U, and 4 friends linked by 3DS locally, 8 Player Smash might exist through this unique and specific set up.



Nintendo's Smash Bros for Wii U Direct Livestream will be up soon! We hope you enjoyed our more...grounded predictions as an appetizer to the main event. You can watch the event here:


In the meantime, why don't you drop your ideas in the comments below? Also, be on the lookout for that blasted GiantBonnyDetective. Left unchecked, that no-gooder will be spillin' 100 percent real insider secrets left and right!

Also, that Yoshi icon be MAD SUSPECT

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