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I'm really feeling it!
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It’s been about two weeks since the Switch launched, and those who decided to take the plunge with the console have pretty much put the console through its paces. This is evident given the number of reports about the left Joy-Con as well as the dock scratching issues that have been cropping up on various outlets. It’s part of the reason why I doubled down on a Pro Controller as well as a tempered glass screen protector.


But these are mainly hardware related issues. What about the actual software? The interface is clean and pleasant to the eye, but let’s be honest. There isn’t really much to do with that snazzy interface other than highlighting the Breath of the Wild tile and accessing the software.

I kid. I kid.

Maybe access SnipperClips as well.

But seriously, we all knew software was going to be an issue, but not a big one given the breadth of Breath of the Wild. Regardless, here are some things I’d like Nintendo to implement with their next system update.


1. More Interaction with the Friends’ List

This seems like a gimme, but what’s the point of a friends’ list if you can’t communicate with them on your snazzy new console. Even if it’s just the ability to leave someone on your list a message would be worlds’ better than what it is right now, which is basically seeing who’s online and what they’re playing. If Nintendo wants to show the competition what’s up, maybe implement an instant messenger/message board type of system so you can touch base with people on your friends’ list. Imagine being able to pass information on the fly as someone’s stuck on a puzzle on Breath of the Wild. Or maybe you just want to plan a gaming session somewhere in the near future. It’d be convenient to do these things on the Switch instead of the mobile phone conceit that Nintendo seems to be leaning on once they get their online infrastructure in place.


2. Video Streaming Services

The nice thing about the Switch is the ability to use the console as either a handheld or a tethered unit via the television. And while most people can readily stream video content through other media hubs such as a PlayStation 4, XBox One, Roku unit, etc., there’s something significant about taking your video on the go. Especially when traveling. And while the unit doesn’t offer 4G or LTE services, in this day and age there are many locations that have access to Wi-Fi that streaming video on the go seems feasible.


But even without the travel aspect, there’s something nice about having a second screen to stream video on if the television is being used for some other purpose. Just like the promise the Wii U pad made with streaming, I’m thinking of some similar solution for the Switch. Also, if the previous point about more robust communication with people on your friends’ list, imagine the possibilities of watching a movie and having your own Mystery Science Theatre 3000 moment with a group of friends. I’d be down for something like that, if only to make the movie watching experience more social.

3. One Currency for Multiple Accounts

One very attractive aspect of the Switch is the fact that it’s region free. And while you could import Switch cartridges to play on your shiny new unit, who wants to pay the shipping costs? Enter the multiple Nintendo ID accounts allowing players to access Nintendo eShops across different regions. It may take multiple e-mail accounts to get started, but once you set up these accounts, it’s relatively easy to go between eShops. But if you’re wary of buying software in different regions because of the language barrier, with some research, you’ll find games that have options for changing the language. So, if you really want to play Puyo Puyo Tetris right now instead of waiting until April, you can by downloading the Japanese version.


However, to download this version, you’ll need to either try your credit card and see whether the eShop will accept it, or you can go the more dubious route of purchasing eShop points online. I’m somewhat wary of the latter simply because of the delivery method (usually an email with the requisite activation code). This might be a minor quibble, but there’s something about this method that leaves me concerned about where this code is ultimately coming from. But if Nintendo universally recognizes that there are players who will access different region eShops, maybe there’s some way to decide on some type of universal method of payment across regions, be that a universal eShop gift card or something along those lines. Regardless, Nintendo, you’ve given your users access to different regions. How about giving us a legitimate method to purchase games from these regions.

4. Virtual Console Cross Buy

This one’s probably a pipe dream, but I keep looking at my Switch, wishing that I could boot up Earthbound instead of pulling out the 3DS or booting up the Wii U. We’re all most likely in the same boat with this issue, but imagine how much goodwill Nintendo would gain from the fans if, once they get the Virtual Console up on the Switch, you had access to your previous VC purchases on your account on day one.


Like I said, probably a pipe dream because Nintendo knows there are fans out there that will likely double and triple dip for a title, hence more income for them. But, it would be nice if they allowed access on the Switch without grabbing for money that you’ve already paid them for access for these titles on a different console.


Well, that’s a few of the things I’d like to see on the Switch. What say you all? Any of these resonate with you? Do you have your own ideas about what you’d like to see implemented on the Switch? Or are you too invested with Breath of the Wild that you don’t care about anything else Switch related right now? Sound off and let me know. But, c’mon. At least give us message chat for friends’ lists, Nintendo. You can do at least that much.

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