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This is according to a report for Nikkei Japan’s Financial paper. The report is being reprinted in several other outlets in English as well seemingly verifying the claim. While it’s been widely expected the Wii U’s successor will be out sometime in 2017 (or even Holiday 2016) the transition period from the Wii U to the NX was never suspected (at least to my knowledge) to be so quick though.

This is likely due to the Wii U’s very poor sales over the course of its lifetime. Looking on the good side of things though it means we wont need to wait too long for an NX and it will also likely be backwards compatible as Wii U hardware still sells especially the first party Nintendo games. I do have to ask is anyone really surprised about this though? It is odd to think the Wii U will be one of the shortest lived console from a major player in the industry though...


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