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Nintendo Will Not Hold Press Conference at E3 (Thoughts)

Nintendo has opted to not hold a press conference again at E3 this year.

Instead developers from Nintendo will be present at the event to show off games, and Nintendo will still hold a digital event. This is because Nintendo believes that this is the best way to reach their fans.

Nintendo will also be holding a Smash Bros. Invitational at the Nokia Theatre, which will be its first competitive E3 event. It is also Nintendo's plan to allow Best Buy (a company I unfortunately dislike) to allow consumers to play Super Smash Bros. on their Wii U displays during the week of E3. Perhaps this will fuel some sales for the Wii U even before Smash Bros. Wii U will be released.


It's hard to think if this is a good idea or not. While Nintendo will be releasing information and content daily through constant streaming, their presence on the show floor will be small. I think that it is a good idea to be holding at least a event so long as it holds up to what the on-stage performance would be like. But it can be a bad idea if Sony and Microsoft come out with guns blazing, as I think performing live in front of a crowd is slightly more memorable than watching a live stream.

So what does everyone think the impact of this will be for Nintendo? Is this a good idea? I really like that they are going to let people play Smash Bros. Wii U in Best Buys during E3 week. It will be like getting a tiny piece of E3 for anyone who participates in playing it at Best Buy. I'd say that you should worry that if you don't watch Nintendo's digital event, android Reggie is going to come melt you down with his death ray eyes. But luckily, his battery power is short, and recharging takes six weeks.

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