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No Man's Sky Limited Edition

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If you haven’t been paying attention, there have been a lot of leaks indicating a 6/21/2016 release for No Man’s Sky. For those who won’t settle for just the standard $60 copy, now a limited edition version is available to preorder at Gamestop. Coming soon to Best Buy.


No Man’s Sky Limited Edition Includes:

  • SteelBook case including No Man’s Sky PS4 game
  • Adventures in No Man’s Sky Comic - Featuring two stories set in the No Man’s Sky universe, with contributions from Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Star Trek: Titan writer James Swallow, and sci-fi illustrator Angus McKie
  • The Art of No Man’s Sky - 48 page art book featuring a host of concept art
  • PS4 Dynamic Theme - Immerse yourself in the world of No Man’s Sky with this unique PlayStation®4 system theme with beautiful abstract art inspired by the game’s vast, mysterious universe.
  • Bonus In-game DLC:
  • PHOTONIX CORE - An advanced ship boost that will speed up your voyage as you travel through the stars.
  • TRADER CHARISMA - Receive a bonus set of valuable resources to gain an advantage in selling and trading.
  • BOLTCASTER SM - Secure access to a powerful weapon blueprint, perfect for defending against hostile lifeforms and Sentinels.

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