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No Man’s Sky is a game chiefly about exploration and observation above all else. Part of that is keeping a catalogue of all the wondrous fauna of the wild worlds of the game’s galaxy.

Sometimes, a particular planet will simply have a good mix of elements—abundant creatures, strange flora, deep caves, valuable minerals, a toxic atmosphere (wait a second), et cetera—that compels the explorer to catalogue literally everything there.


Except then there’s just one single fauna left that seems impossible to find. And then the explorer turns into a hunter. But, oh no, that last remaining beast isn’t some mini-horse or gigantic crab/spider/antelope hybrid. No, of course not. Instead, it is of course the single most difficult thing to get a bead on in the entire game: a tiny, swift bat flying in the air without a care in the (toxic) world.

Just shoot it down,” you say. “It’s in the name of science, just one won’t hurt.

But I can’t shoot it down. Not because I don’t want to—oh no, believe me, I’d be totally fine with wiping these particular bats off the face of the planet. No, I can’t shoot it down because it’s impossible to freaking shoot down.

So do I, in the end, catalogue the final species of fauna on this planet? Or do I give up, throw up two middle fingers, and chuck pulse grenades around before zooming off towards the nearest black hole? Skip to the end of the video to find out!


(No really, skip to the end. The rest is just to show the atrocity that is trying to capture bats that you can’t shoot down in No Man’s Sky.)

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