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No MLB2K? No Problem... Sort Of

I love arcade-style baseball. Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball was one of my all-time favorite Super NES games — I probably played a dozen complete seasons before the battery died.

I have a couple versions of the MLB2K series for Wii and DS, and they are terrible. I really want a great MLB sim (the last one I played at any length was All-Star Baseball '99) or arcade-type game. Today, as a non-PlayStation owner, my options for a true MLB sim are nonexistent, and Take-Two has dropped its MLB2K series, so it's Sony or nothing for fans.


Then along comes Major League Baseball, becoming the first North American professional sports league to publish its own video game. I would be eager to try R.B.I. Baseball '14, but I don't own a PlayStation or an Xbox... or an iPhone / iPad. Strike three!

An Android release is forthcoming, so I may check it out then, but a Wii U or 3DS version would be nice. (Not happening.) Has anyone else played this? What do you think? And should pro sports leagues be in the business of publishing their own titles? Would NFL sims be better if the league decided to hire its own dev team and leave EA out in the cold? The NFL already has to approve everything that goes into Madden, so it's not like we'd suddenly see a bunch of great features removed... or would we? Would an NFL-produced game have no injuries or concussions? Would the league exaggerate the abilities of certain marketable stars at the expense of lesser-known players and teams?

Would an NBA-created game cover player jerseys with advertisements (or, will they require future NBA2K installments to do so, once real jerseys start bearing ads in 2015)?

Would a FIFA-built game include options for accepting bribes, match-fixing and a "flop" button?


(That last one's a joke borne from my American ignorance of / distaste for soccer.)

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