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Well, we’ve reached the nuclear option. Today thanks to Kinja Deals, I’m now the very happy owner of a Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I took a few minutes to pre-order Disgaea 5 on Amazon, because I might as well take the 20% discount while I can, breathed a heavy sigh, and then made the following proclamation for all to see:

Alright, now comes the hard part. Full-stop, no new games until July of this year. None. Not sure how feasible this is but I’m gonna try.


I’ve always thought about doing something like this, but never quite went so far as to pull the trigger. I always shrugged it off saying “I have plenty of self-control when it comes to purchases” or “I already know the games I want to play for this year, I just have to stick with to those”. Let me remind you again that I just impulse bought a console and two games. After doing so, I think it’s time to try something a bit drastic.

Lately I’ve been pretty good about my progress of getting through games on my backlog. Most folks around here know I’ve made multiple lists, set up mini-goals that remain relatively achievable, and allow myself the flexibility to try out, and sometimes stop, playing various games.

So far this year I’ve finished: Witcher 2, Pillars of Eternity, Valkyria Chronicles, and Disgaea 1 & 2. I could certainly say five games in three months isn’t all that bad, and I’m sure some folks might even agree with me, but the rate of completion isn’t the problem.

The problem is as soon as I finish a few games, I give myself justification to buy new ones. It’s a never ending cycle where my backlog seems to be going down, but in reality I’m just shoveling games from one pile onto a second one in order to make space for new purchases. It’s a deceptive unhealthy cycle that has to stop.


I have 260 games on Steam, of those, only 131 are even installed. I should note that 63 are within either the “Dead Games” or “I Don’t Care” categories. Removing those, of the remaining 197, only 22 managed to land in the “Completed Games” category of my library. That’s a little over 11.1%. That’s insane. This isn’t even taking into consideration my pre-existing backlog of PS3 and 3DS games.

I have so many wonderful games that I’ve never even booted up, it’s time to put a hard-stop on my purchasing power and take the time to experience these gems. I’m not sure how successful this ordeal is going to be, but I’m going to give it my best shot. I’ll report periodically about my findings, and how easy, or unreasonable, such a self-restriction ends up being. If I can make it to July successfully, I’ll re-evaluate with upcoming releases, make adjustments as necessary, and continue.


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