I'm really feeling it!

No Open Forum = More TAY Classic Activity

Alright everyone, don't disappoint me :P Just because there's no open forum doesn't mean that we can't fill the TAY Classic pages with our usual day-to-day nonsense ^^ Actually, I'm sure quite a few TAY Classic-ers will be pretty happy about this.

So, how's everybody this morning? I started typing up my con debriefing post last night, but got distracted by Attack On Titan, so expect that later in the day. I kinda have to go buy new filters for the pool before it gets all green and slimy, and after that I'll probably kill some major time catching up to everything I haven't been watching ^^ It seems like a good day.

Edit: Has anyone gone to the "Hey guys, the Medal Of Honor is actually a thing" article? Awh man, I just love the comment section xD What I love more about the whole thing is, you know that comment that stirred up a shit storm? Yea? Everyone in it is either actually participating in some argument, or just throwing out the troll label, right? Well, isn't going into that mess with the whole intent of adding to it, kinda defeat your underlying purpose to go in there in the first place? Jesus Christ, people. It's 2013, the internet's been around for twenty years, why haven't you all picked up the routine? And yes, in a way, I am adding to it myself, but I'm more of that one guy who sits on a bench watching two strangers in the street fight and then comment on the crowd surrounding them that decides to join in. What? Being a smug bastard is fun :P

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