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No Respect: An Ode to Under-Loved Enemies

I'm replaying through a gamut of Metroid titles right now, most recently Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. If you haven't played it, it's a fantastic game by and Retro Studios really pulled all the stops with that trilogy. You need to play it and now that it's on the Wii U Virtual Console you have no reason not to. Anyways, during my adventure I came across an often (always?!) forgotten enemy that had an attack that floors me with it's creativity. Metroid is known mainly for two non-boss enemies: The titular Metroid, and of course the Space Pirates. They're pretty much a requirement for Metroid games old and new. But in-between and spread throughout Metroid's lore are plenty of other creative and interesting enemies that cross paths with our lonely bounty hunter-heroine. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is not stingy with the creative enemies, but my current enemy du jour is the Rezbit.


Rezbit is actually kind of annoying to fight, with a slew of offensive and defensive tactics, the quickest way to take it out typically involves a charges dark beam shot and a missile. If aren't privy to ProSkillz© like mine it'll take you a bit longer to take it out, but they aren't difficult once you know their patterns. The attack that won me over to it's side is a wonderfully innovative suit-hacking flash though. They enter a trans-dimensional state where Samus can't auto-target them, then suddenly FLASH! your screen is wigging out and you're panicking your little tush off, smashing the Z+B+A (or L+R+B on a Gamecube). It's a creative attack and always makes my heart skip a beat as Samus's suit reboots.

During my first play-through I would actively avoid the areas I knew it patrolled just because that hacking scared me so much (the fact that the Prime trilogy is immersive as all hell didn't help). It makes total sense in a sort of sci-fi way, delivering a virus through light. Samus's suit being tech and all I'm stunned other enemies haven't tried similar tactics yet! Thinking about it now it makes me a little sad that we may never see some of these fantastic enemies in another Metroid game again.

I'm sure all of you TAYers out there have enemies that really hit home with you, whether through difficulty, creativity, or just plain kookiness. Let's sound off and talk about those enemies that never get enough love and respect from the gaming community, just like my pal Rezbit here.

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