I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

One thing I loved about Northgard when I played through the campaign three months ago was how it did such a great job of combining two of my favorite classic PC genres: real time strategy and 4x. It felt like a revitalization of those genres that once totally dominated the PC gaming scene.

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Since beating the campaign and playing several solo matches I’ve regularly returned to it to play through a custom game. There are so many amazing and varied single player games and so many fully absorbing (and kind of addictive) online games that returning regularly to a single player game is extremely rare for me. Northgard has become a go-to relaxing game for me to play - the average difficulty is challenging enough to never be boring and hits a perfect balance of resource management and strategy. It reminds of the days when I’d play a game like Civilization 2 or Command and Conquer: Red Alert a few times a week for a year or two. A time when playing a game for fun was just how things were and I wasn’t worried about getting the next game coming out, checking for deals online, reading gaming news, etc.

If you haven’t checked out Northgard I still highly recommend it. It’s well worth its full price and is often on sale. It’s had a lot of post-release updates including multiple DLC packs of new playable clans. If you’re a fan of 90s PC gaming you’ll probably really like it. It’s a totally fresh take on that time while still maintaining a lot of the nostalgia and fun.

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