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Not Enough E3 Talk About Shadow Warrior 2

Over the last couple of days in my spare time, I’ve been looking through all the games that were at E3, like I’m sure plenty of other people have. Lots of info around the specific conferences, and their big reveals. However, on the outskirts of those events some other games I feel have gone unnoticed, including even titles like XCOM 2 that should you know...matter more.

One of them in particular I want to draw attention to, because I think it is looking pretty great, and that’s Shadow Warrior 2. The sequel to my 2013 surprise game, partially a throwback to the old-school FPS, but with a new better story, and oddly made the best first-person melee combat I’ve ever experienced. Like “Bethesda take some notes” better:


Speaking of Bethesda, they got some nice attention for the new DOOM at their conference, and while it does look like a good return to form...it was kinda diminished for me by Shadow Warrior 2 just looking like the more insane version in gameplay:

Not only does it have its own over the top guns, but the sense of speed is greater due to the “I’m a ninja” dashing, as is the traversal and level design letting you hop across up & over roofs. Then to pile on, they’re expanding the melee weapons to include claws and dual-wield swords, all while adding in co-op to the mix...which I’m going to have some hours of joy and gibs.

Violence is a fairly common thing in plenty of games at E3, but I always appreciate the titles that go a bit over the top with it. Making it look incredibly fluid to perform, and focus on being just fun in a sea of games that want you to take them seriously. We need and daresay deserve it.


Just Cause 3 does it with a grappling hook, this game does it with a blade.


Hope you check it out the footage for yourselves.

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