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Not-So-New Anime Review: Sunday Without God

It's been a while since I did an anime review (or actually posted something), but Sunday Without God is a series that I had to write about. I watched all 12 episodes in a week, which is unheard of for me. I like watching multiple things at once, and I rarely finish series, but something about this show completely captivated me.

Let's start with the basics: Sunday Without God is a show about how God abandoned the Earth and started denying people access into Heaven. Thus, the dead wander the land. And then God gifted His people with Gravekeepers, who are the only ones to bury people where they are actually dead.


It's kinda convoluted, and I'd like to forget the God part, because it just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Like the fact that God still seems to be around. But that doesn't matter! Because the show is still a good one.

It centers around Ai, a 12-year old Gravekeeper, and her adventures. People come and go (sometimes too soon) through out the episodes, but Ai is the glue that holds them together. And she is a 12-year old. She's naive and smart and funny and loving, and exactly what a 12-year old should act like.

She's young. Stop picking.

The arcs of the series are short. Usually 3 or so episodes, but what amazed me was how much I cared about characters after that short amount of time. Seeing things through Ai's eyes (There is a pun there somewhere.), makes you feel childlike. Those years where you wanted to be everyone's friend, where everyone was wonderful to you, where every experience was magnified and magical.


Speaking of magic, there is a lot of it. And as the series goes on, it gets bigger and more unbelievable, but in good ways. Just when you think they can't top themselves, they do.

Another big theme of the series is love. And not just couples, but motherly love and fatherly love and what makes someone a parent, what makes someone a true love, a friend. It's all very heartwarming and emotional. I'm not one to get overly emotional, but I'll admit I cried twice during the show. That might have had something to do with being a parent, but I'm sure you don't have to be a parent to get those moments.


What also was nice was the minimal amount of fanservice. Yes, there were a few instances. I'm looking at you Scar...

Stop smiling at me when I'm trying to call you out.

But overall it wasn't that bad. Which is a nice change of pace when you've been watching Space Dandy and Kill La Kill.


Overall, the only complaint I had with the series was the fact that it ended. I wanted more: more adventures, more craziness, more sweet moments, more Ai. But alas, it's only 12 episodes. (I hear the manga and novels are still being written. I should check into that.)

Anyway, if you want a magical girl/romance/heartwarming story, you should watch Sunday Without God. It's brilliant! And Crunchyroll and Hulu both have the series for free.


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(I also promise to write more often. I'm such a slacker.)

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